Is this a legit giveaway? 

We all know what it feels like to be pestered in giveaways, but this is real. We are giving away a tiny home on May 8, 2018 through Lamon Luther Foundation, INC a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Georgia. If you have questions please write us, or call 678-983-2111. 

What are my chances of winning? 

The chances of winning are based on the number of entries, so we don't really know at this point. 

Can I customize it or change it if I win?

Unfortunately we will not be offering any changes to the tiny house. 

What about delivery?

The winner is responsible for pick up and delivery of the tiny house from our location: 905 Rockmart Road, Villa Rica, GA, 30180. The tiny house must be picked up within 60 days of winning or the tiny house becomes the property of the Lamon Luther Foundation. If you need help with transportation we will recommend a moving contractor.  

Why are you doing this? 

Our goal with this giveaway is support the Lamon Luther Foundation by giving HOPE to the hopeless craftsmen. This giveaway will allow us to provide jobs in West Georgia. We realize we can't achieve our goals without a little help from our supporters and for as little as $20 you can enter to win the tiny house and change a life in the US. You can learn more about the Lamon Luther Foundation here

Who will conduct the drawing?  

The drawing will be conducted by a third party company called RandomPicker ( Lamon Luther will be forwarding all entires directly to them for entry.