Lamon Luther

is Giving Away a Tiny House


Lamon Luther is giving away a tiny house worth over $65,000 and partnering with Help One Now to provide a rescue home in Peru!

Our goal is to provide a rescue home in Iquitos, Peru through Help One Now at their Kairos Village. Help One Now recently launched a partnership with Kairos Ministries to educate vulnerable children and break cycles of extreme poverty in South America. Nearly 30% of Iquitos population lives in a township called Belén, which lies in the Amazon riverbed, where the land gives way to water more than half the year. Houses are either built on stilts or built to float with the rising river. The land is free because it’s not really land. Some live there because they have no choice, and some choose to live there to skirt the laws and norms of civil society. Many of these one-room houses are home to large extended families, or even multiple families. Learn more about Help One Now and Kairos Village here.


Tiny House Specifics

  • Designed by Brian Preston
  • 368 sq/ft 
  • Full open Kitchen and bath
  • Master (queen size) Bedroom on the main level
  • Queen size sleeping loft with a ladder

How Do I Enter

We have created 4 different donations options to choose from to win the tiny house. You can donate $20 for 1 entry, $40 for 6 entries, $100 for 15 entries, or $250 for 45 entries.


Why We're Giving Away a Tiny House

Our goal is to provide a rescue home in Kairos Village, Peru through Help One Now who has recently launched a partnership with Kairos Ministries to educate vulnerable children and break cycles of extreme poverty in South America. We realize we can't achieve our goals without a little help from our supporters. So we are doing a giveaway to raise support to build the rescue home. For just $20 you can enter to win the tiny house and help change lives in Peru. Please consider helping us build a better tomorrow. 

When will the Winner be Selected

The winner will be selected on Friday, May 5th, 2017. All entries need to be submitted by Thursday, May 4th so make sure you enter to win before it is to late.

In the Press:


About Lamon Luther

Named after Lamon Luther Wilson, our movement is a tribute to the american craftsman. Yielding to the art of handmade products—our focus is on the process, putting our blood, sweat, and tears into every small detail, restlessly pushing the envelop of simplistic design and pursuing unity with sustainability. We understand to be a craftsman is a calling—a pursuit and a need to build, so we put our energy into providing opportunity—more importantly HOPE for the hopeless craftsmen. We cohere these craftsmen with the tools they once loved, celebrating the small moments of victory together. This craft they have been given is a gift and a calling. 


About Help One Now

The Help One Now tribe is a collective group of churches, businesses, communities, and individuals from around the world who are dedicated to using their gifts, talents, and resources to help end extreme poverty, care for orphans, rescue slaves, and see communities transformed through Help One Now’s international partners. The tribe actively sponsors kids, hosts garage sales to support initiatives, donates funds, participates in life-changing trips, and advocates for the vulnerable. 


Interested in Buying a Tiny House

Our sister company Shelter Supply builds tiny houses and they currently offer 2 different models, the Adventure Model and the Weekender Model

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